Foie gras canapé with quince paste

Difficulty: Medium
Preparation time: 40 min.
Difficulty: Medium
Preparation time: 40 min.
  • Onion
  • Quince Paste El Quijote
  • Sugar
  • Nuts
  • Foie gras
  • Olive oil
How to prepare Foie Canapé with Quince Paste?
  1. First, we are going to caramelize the onion: in a frying pan, with a bit of olive oil, fry the peeled and chopped onion over low heat. When it begins to poach, add the sugar and leave on the heat until the onion caramelizes.
  2. Remove from the heat and place in a mold so that it is well compacted.
  3. Crush the nuts and mix them with half of the foie. Cut the quince paste into thin slices.
  4. Now we prepare a kind of mille-feuille by placing a sheet of quince paste, another of caramelized onion and on top a sheet of foie with dried fruit, then quince paste, onion and foie without dried fruit.

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