Complaints Channel

Welcome to the Whistleblowing Channel of Membrillo El Quijote SA

This reporting channel aims to constitute an effective mechanism to detect irregular or illicit practices that contravene the values ??and principles established in our Code of Conduct or the Penal Code.

This channel cannot be used for false accusations, and the informant must be as precise and detailed as possible in his communication, and add all the evidence he has of the case.

Secure communication mailbox

You can send your complaint to the following address:

Membrillo El Quijote SA

A/A Responsible for the Internal Information System. (Complaints Channel)

PO Box 45

14500 Genil Bridge


PRINCIPLES and GUARANTEES in the processing of complaints:

  1. Good faith: All complaints must be made in good faith and based on reasonable evidence.
  2. Confidentiality and security of information: We guarantee maximum confidentiality of the content of the complaints received, the identity of the complainants and those reported and other affected people.
  3. Anonymity: We accept anonymous complaints, which will receive the same treatment and the same guarantees.
  4. No retaliation: We guarantee the absence of retaliation to whistleblowers in good faith.
  5. Right to be informed: The complainants and those reported have the right to be informed of the evolution of the process, as long as the investigation is not compromised, and with the applicable limitations of confidentiality and data protection. In the case of reported persons, this includes the right to be informed of the actions or omissions attributed to them.
  6. Presumption of innocence and honor: We respect the presumption of innocence and honor of the people reported regarding the events reported.
  7. Right to testify: The person accused has the right to be heard during the investigation procedure and to take advantage of his right not to testify against himself.
  8. Right to a diligent and motivated response: Once the investigation is concluded, the complainants and accused persons have the right to know the result of the investigation carried out, unless there are circumstances that make it advisable to maintain the confidentiality of the conclusions reached.
  9. Absence of conflicts of interest: We guarantee the absence of conflicts of interest between the events reported and the person responsible for managing and processing the investigation thereof.


Responsible: Quince El Quijote SA

Purpose: Manage communications and carry out all necessary actions to investigate the reported events.

Legitimation: Compliance with a legal obligation.

Recipients: No data will be transferred to third parties except legal obligation.

Rights: You have the right to access, rectify and delete the data, as well as other rights by writing to the postal address.