Quince Paste

Puente Genil is recognized as the cradle of the quince , as quince paste originates from our town. El Quijote has a deep-rooted tradition in the preparation of this typical sweet.

The cultivation of our plantations and fields means that we obtain a quality product with which to make the best quince paste in the area.

The variety of common quince, giant… are some of those mainly used for our quince paste. In our factory we make quince in different formats quince cream, natural quince and top quality quince, made with carefully selected quinces.


At Membrillo El Quijote we make delicious jams in different flavours: strawberry, peach, plum… these are some of the flavours of our homemade jams, which you can find in our product catalogue. In version with and without added sugars.

Thanks to its convenient format in a 6×8 individual single-dose pack, it is ideal for consumption, thus enjoying all the flavour of your favourite jam with each toast.

Also widely used in confectionery for the preparation of a multitude of sweets, El Quijote jam, made with the highest quality ingredients , will be the ideal complement for all your desserts.

Fruit Candies

Guava paste, plum cream, pumpkin strands in syrup… At El Quijote we make different fruit candies presented in practical reusable formats.

Thanks to its texture and its sweet flavour, the result of the selection of apples, plums, strawberries, peaches… of the highest quality and the elaboration based on our recipe, the sweet fruits of El Quijote are capable of satisfying the palates more demanding.

Yellow Shot

Range of products with a high fiber content, achieved through the addition of soluble dietary fiber (inulin and oligofructose), which produces a prebiotic-bifidus effect and helps intestinal transit, stimulating the growth of beneficial bacteria for the body, as well as such as helping the body absorb more calcium from food and strengthening bones.